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Industrial design portfolio | Design Innov8 Limited

Medical tablet PC design

Medical and scientific apparatus

Tablets and embedded PC design

Industrial component enclosure

Industrial components - enclosures

Rota-moulded component enclosure

Pre-clinical MRI design

Pre-clinical MRI systems

MRI device enclosure and component design

Patient entertainment terminal handset

Patient entertainment system design

Retro-fit remote handsets

Pre-clinical PET system design

Pre-clinical PET system design

High resolution semi-portable PET unit

Desktop ionizer design

Consumer products

Desktop ionizer design

Telephone handset design

Consumer products

VOIP telephone handset design

Scientific apparatus enclosure

Scientific apparatus enclosure design

Rock core sampling

Terminal handset

Patient entertainment terminals

Remote handset

Office chair & mechanism design

Office furniture and seating design

Office chair seat mechanism & component design

Slush freezer machine enclosure design

POS device enclosure design

Vacuum formed Slush freezer enclosure design

Pre-clinical MRI device

Scientific and laboratory devices

Pre-clinical MRI enclosure and component design

Wireless home automation system

Consumer electronics

Wireless home automation system design

Patient entertainment terminal

Healthcare products

Patient entertainment terminal design

Lighting controller switch unit

Consumer products

High end lighting controller switch unit design

Cordless wirecutter

Consumer products (hobby tools)

Cordless foam cutter design

Pre-clinical MRI unit

Laboratory devices

Pre-clinical MRI unit

Marker pens

Office equipment and supplies


Marine gas regulator

Industrial marine equipment

4 inlet marine gas regulator

Hairbrush handle design

Beauty products

High-end hairbrush handle reverse engineering design

Animal handling systems design

Scientific instrumentation

Pre-clinical animal handling unit design