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Electronics integration

Powering your designs

Some products, and most of those we are involved with, use some form of electronic circuitry within them for power or functionality. Whilst we are not electronic engineers, we do have experience of various electronic circuits and systems making the integration of such items less of a challenge. A good electronics design knowledge enables us to make decisions early on in a project to reduce the overall time of development. We can work alongside your electronic engineers to ensure any geometric constraints are met.

We also offer an electronics design service through some of our suppliers who specialise in SMD's and the integration of microprocessors and FPGA's. The miniaturisation of products, particularly hand-held, and the integration of highly compact circuit boards requires specialist expertise that we have gained over numerous years of developing products in these areas. Although we don't produce PCB's in-house (unless they are purely to prove a concept), we have links to various suppliers who can provide these services for prototyping and for volume manufacturing.

Our team has experience in electronics for product development including power supplies and systems, cabling and cable management, TFT-LCD and LED displays, embedded computer systems, domestic mains devices, audio amplifiers and speaker systems to name but a few. We like getting the soldering iron out to bring to life mock up PCB's and test products for full functionality.

Forward thinking

Keeping up to date with evolving technology is essential to innovate. We work very closely with some suppliers who are at the forefront of electronics technology including OLED displays, embedded computers and alternative energy.

We're a hands on consultancy

We don't believe good design is just about what's on paper or on the screen.
Good design involves getting your hands dirty.