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Keypads and keyboard design - Human Machine Interfacing (HMI)

Keypads and membrane switch design

A human-machine interface (sometimes referred to as a man-machine interface or MMI) is part of a product that handles the interaction between a human user and an electronic system, usually a computer or logic controller. Typically, HMI components are keypads, switches, pointing devices such as trackballs, and touch screens.

We have worked extensively with high volume manufacturers of plastic and rubber keypads, membrane switches and metal dome arrays to understand the technologies and how to integrate them efficiently into product designs. We have developed keypads for a variety of industries and applications including telecommunications, automotive, consumer and medical. A Lot of time has been invested by us liaising with manufacturers in China, Singapore and the US to understand various HMI device manufacturing methods in order to offer innovative solutions and to ensure we can solve problems and engineer products quickly and efficiently.

As part of our product design process, we can offer the following HMI product design services working closely with your preferred suppliers or through our recommendations:-

  • Rubber keypad design with or without integrated conductive pills or inks
  • Assistance with PCB switch pad design
  • Hard top/composite rubber keypad designs
  • The design of dome arrays and metal snap dome selection
  • The design of hard/plastic key-caps including key-caps for back illumination
  • Keypads with insert mouldings
  • Keypads for PCI compliance used in POS applications
  • Thin walled key-caps and films
  • Membrane switch design & layout
  • Keypad graphics and artwork production
  • The production of keypad specifications
  • Other specialised keypad and switch technologies

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