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Our company

Design Innov8 is a design consultancy with two divisions. We design and engineer products, and develop highly structured member based websites and content management systems. Our business is run differently to other consultancies. We are a management team based in Twickenham, West London, bringing together the services of freelance product designers, engineers and website developers. Our mission is to support you by providing a superior level of service and exceptional value helping you gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Product design & engineering

Product design and development

Our product design division bridges the gap between aesthetic design and commercial product development for low to high volume manufacture. We have decades of experience in mechanical product development, component design, assemblies and design for manufacture.

Website development & implementation

Website design and implementation

Our website design division provides a complete website implementation service for social websites that are designed for a large number of users such as comprehensive forums, dating sites, social networking sites and organisation specific portals.

Our expertise

Our product design and engineering division specialises in designing products for niche markets within consumer, industrial, scientific and medical sectors. We innov8 new and often patentable solutions giving products a competitive edge.

Our service can take a concept through to a working commercial product offering expertise and guidance on manufacture and branding. We have a lot of experience of many manufacturing processes from low volume to very high volumes. We are also experienced understanding human interaction with products and have a great deal of knowledge of HMI devices like switches, keypads and membrane technologies.

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Our website development division is focused primarily on the design, development and implementation of highly structured member based websites that require the control of hundreds of thousands, even millions of members or objects. Typically, this includes dating sites, social networking sites, comprehensive forums and dedicated company management systems with inventory tracking. Our websites are designed to be the center of your business or to perform important functions for it.

We can implement a full website solution right from concept through to full server implementation and support when live.

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Most of the sites we design have their own dedicated content management system that we design and implement ourselves for efficiency and reliability.

We also provide specialist web-hosting services through suppliers we know provide an outstanding service. We can manage the hosting of any large site and provide a fully maintained service ensuring your site has minimal downtime throughout its operation.

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Great design is a fusion of art, science and technology

Our aim isn't just to make things look good, but to make them work wonderfully.
We design, we create and we innov8.

Scientifc & medical devices

We design and engineer scientific and medical devices to suit a variety of operating environments, from MRI machines to vertebroplasty syringes.

Healthcare products

We design and engineer healthcare products for direct patient use, from patient entertainment terminals to drug dispensing packaging and micro mouldings.

Consumer products

We design and engineer consumer products with a focus on user interaction and machine interfacing, from remote controls to office furniture.

Industrial equipment

We design and engineer industrial products from industrial displays to lifting gear and mechanical assemblies

Entertainment websites

We design and develop member based websites, content managment systems and forums for large websites and organisations.

Worldwide operation

We deal with clients around the world breaking the perception of any limitations on location, language and culture.