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Website design & implementation

Our website development division is focused primarily on the design, development and implementation of highly structured customised social websites that can control anywhere from thousands to millions of members. These can be online websites active on the internet or they can be tailored for use within a local area network. Essentially, we don't design static websites. Our websites are dynamic and designed as businesses or to perform important functions for a business, group or organisation.

Generating ideas

We look at the latest trends to produce designs that are fresh and exciting, ensuring your site performs and functions as efficiently as it can.

Design and Code

Our developers are experienced in the most common website scripting technologies including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

Functional testing

We perform all manner of tests on our sites to ensure when they go live, they work effectively so that you can start using them straight away.

Website implementation

We can have your website hosted and fully operational so that you can focus on what you do best and leave the implementation up to us.

Your website up and running with no fuss

The implementation of a website needs a lot of technical experience and knowledge
Leave that all up to us...

Concept to live site

Our solutions will see your project right from conception to implementation, consulting you at various stages to ensure the solution meets your every requirement. Typically, projects can take anywhere from 2 months to 2 years to develop depending on the complexity and we have worked on very complicated websites such as bespoke dating sites, comprehensive forums and dedicated company management systems with inventory tracking.

Member based websites

Our experience is in the development of user interfaces and database manipulation - essentially websites that store information about their members and enable members to interact with each other. We do this by creating websites from scratch, creating the relevant scripts, designing webpages and using website technologies such as JavaScript and JQuery for a good UI experience.

Content management systems

There are lots of off-the-shelf type applications around that can help you design a functional website, but these are usually very limited as they have been designed for a wide range of applications. Content management systems are very common and are available free of charge such as Word Press and Joomla. These are great particularly for smaller sites, but their flexibility and structure can make them very resource hungry, complicated to learn and use, inefficient, and restrictive in terms of customisation. We design our own content management systems tailored to your requirements and business, maximising site efficiency so that your site can handle multiple users with ease. Our sites are designed to have a minimal footprint and all our scripts and work are organised in such a way that make it easy for any follow on development work.

Lean & efficient designs

Our designers are equipped with experience in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and XML. We plan our designs to ensure your site is as efficient and as lean as it can be. We do this by first mapping out the functionality of the site to understand what components it needs to have and how it needs to operate. We also think and plan ahead to enable easy expansion as and when your site grows.

Business growth

Our ultimate aim is ensure your wesbite and online business runs as efficiently as possible with the minimal amount of disruption and input from anyone. We want your website and business to grow fast. The more it does, the more we can help integrate additional functionality and the more we learn and grow.