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Website design & development

Responsive designs and browser compatibility

All the websites we design are responsive so that they can be viewed in mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. A responsive design means that the same content is used for any device and there is no repetition or duplication of data. A responsive website on a mobile device can resemble a mobile app, giving users a positive experience and a familiar environment to navigate through. We also try to maximise browser compatibility so that your site will appear the same on any major browser and operating platform.

Graphic design and visual content

Understanding how users will use your site will determine how your site will look. For all the projects we undertake, producing a visual theme is one of the most important aspects because this is what your customers will see. Some sites may require multiple themes that can be switched manually or automatically and others may require just one. Depending on what your requirement is, we will produce the relevent themes to include typography, CSS coding and iconography so that your site looks amazing for years to come.

Customised icons for your application

Icons are a very important aspect of a website or web application and there are many types and designs available. We can also look at customised icons for your site based on its branding and functionality. Designing icons can be tricky and may take some time, but the results are worth it if your site relies heavily on icon based navigation. We tend to work with vector based icons that are fully scalable and can provide you with artwork you can use elsewhere.

Integrating Content Delivery Networks

The speed of data transferred through a network has increased dramatically over the past decade and this has led to more content rich sites. How fast your site performs is critical to its success. Besides the usual site optimisation that we implement with all our designs, we can also offer CDN & Amazon S3 integration so that the heavy content on your site is stored remotely. This leads to a huge increase in site performance giving your users a better experience. Applications where this might be relevant are sites storing images, files and documents related to each user.

We design, we innov8

The design of a good website is in the fine detailing

Remote access

The internet has changed the way many people work. It is now becoming more common for people to work remotely from several business locations. We can look at how your business operates and implement systems to enable remote access to various parts of your site. For example, you might want your clients to have access to their own area of your site for file uploads, downloads and for the exchange of documents and other data.

Implementing third party API's

You might need to add functionality such as a Facebook or Twitter login to your site or perhaps you want your site to make use of Google's geo-mapping system. We can work with third party API's to add all sorts of functionality to your website. We have already implemented Facebook and Twitter logins for various sites and can integrate the data extracted from social networking sites with your own.

Online payments

We can integrate payment systems to your website and have lots of familiarity integrating PayPal. We can also work with other payment systems once we have established the data transfer protocols.

Secure websites

If your online business is likely to store confidential data, financial records or it takes payments from members, we can implement secure websites (SSL) using encrypted certificates for browser verification. Depending on your application, certificates can be off-the-shelf from reputable suppliers or they can be customised for your business and branding. We can ensure your HTTPS links are all working efficiently. Whilst a secure website isn't essential for all sites, it is recommended particularly where forms are used frequently or where confidential data is stored.

Online security

With an ever increasing number of users accessing websites and apps, security should be of prime importance to any business. From understanding cross site forgery to techniques used by spammers, we develop our systems to be as robust as possible. Our custom made content management systems usually have very comprehensive access controls and strict policies to enable sites to function with minimal disruption. We can put systems in place to allow you to monitor the use of your site and control how users access it.

Advertising revenue

A lot of websites can generate significant amounts of revenue through adverts that are strategically placed on them. We use various advertising systems, including Google's own, and design websites that work with these systems so that your site can generate revenue through adverts contained within it. Some sites generate most if not all of their revenue from advertising and we can discuss options with you.


Heavy usage websites with lots of user interaction require maintenance such as the clearing up of databases, the execution of tasks etc. and we also design and implement our own systems to enable these to run automatically. We can design systems to perform various tasks throughout the day without anyone even knowing about them. Emails can be sent to members automatically, messages relayed and even site content changes can be automated depending on your application.

On-going support

Our aim is to ensure the site we design for you is as profitable or successful as it can be. We want you to come back to us with ideas about making your site even bigger. Perhaps you want to add functionality to it later, or add new areas. We're here to assist you and we want to ensure we gain your business again. Because our websites are designed to be as lean and efficient as possible, anything else we add to them will be familiar to us and helping you grow helps us grow.