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Website administration control

Website administration and control interface

Websites with member interaction and heavy site content require comprehensive management. Administrative duties include assigning privileges to other users so that they can act as moderators to manage content and monitor & control site usage/operation. Our administrative interfaces are designed to your specifications and generally include a browser based access panel that is maintained by a super-administrator (a person who has overall charge of the entire site and its operation).

An administrative control interface will typically have functions to enable an administrator to:-

  • monitor IP addresses accessing the site
  • determine site access permissions
  • gather site statistics
  • manage content control privileges
  • manage member databases and email address
  • manage promotional and marketing mail shots
  • error checking and operational diagnostics
  • send and receive site emails

Our website development solutions include a custom designed dedicated administrative control interface to ensure you can maintain the general operation of the site with ease.

Image of an administrative control interface