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Web hosting and server management

Web hosting and server management

How your site is hosted is critical to its long term success. Understanding how your website is likely to grow is vital to ensure adequate systems are in place to cope with changes. We have experience with several of the largest commercial web hosting companies and understand their product ranges. We can advise you on selecting the best method of implementation or set up your site hosting system for you. There are several options for web hosting depending on what functions your business or website will perform. Content data networks can reduce server usage dramatically so it's not always necessary to go for a high end server unless your website is likely to have lots of users using it at the same time. Some of the websites we have hosted use Dynamic Cloud Servers which are essentially virtual servers that act and perform just like a dedicated server, but allow for easy scalability without any downtime.

We can implement a solution for you in full as part of our package and also offer the option of a fully maintained system so that you don't have to worry about any server administration at all. We can manage your domain completely (DNS management) freeing you of any server administration so that you can get on and run your business. We are proficient with Linux based web servers due to their reliability. However, unexpected issues can occur at any time and having a fully maintained system will reduce your downtime and any potential losses.

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Data recovery and disaster management

With all systems we implement, we will discuss back up solutions with you. There are lots of back up solutions available and ultimately the selection will depend on a variety of factors. A back up system is critical to any business and understanding how to recover data quickly is vital. Backing up data is often easier than it is to recover it in the event of a hardware disaster and we have experience dealing with both.

Our web hosting solutions can include:-

  • giving you a clear comparison of hosting options & costs
  • dealing with your domain name and DNS routing
  • setting up your server(s)
  • setting up email addresses
  • site testing
  • implementing a back up solution
  • compiling management instructions and specifications
  • dealing with the web host on your behalf
  • on-going hosting support