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Site security and protection

Protecting your site from unwanted intrusion

Websites and web servers are prone to malicious attacks by spammers, hackers and user abuse. Our systems are designed with this in mind and we integrate protective mechanisms to reduce the possibility of intrusion and increase the sites stability. We address the security of your site throughout its development and a great deal of emphasis is put on making sure as much of the sites implementation has protection.

Sites can be compromised by data that is passed through a browser when a page is accessed or through the network. Attacks aren't always malicious. They can simply be repetitive data or how users use a particular page function.

As well as general security practices when dealing with databases, our sites are designed with the following security features:-

  • data encryption where necessary
  • the control and validation of any input data
  • certain file structures and the use of non-directly accessible scripts
  • secure coding practices
  • encryption on cookie data
  • URL control and format
  • Cross Site Scripting Hack (XSS) prevention to reduce hacking on post and cookie data
  • sanitisation of user file data and uploads
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection to protect form data
  • monitoring users IP addresses and enabling access control