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Industrial design and product development

Turning your ideas into commercially viable products

When we take on a project, we not only consider the aesthetic qualities and product branding, we also take in to consideration your profitability, ensuring we maintain a good balance of all design elements. Our clients often come to us with concepts that have already been partly designed elsewhere and need extra refinement to reach completion. We specialise in engineering products at any stage of their development through to production and have good contacts with manufacturers in the UK, China and the US.

Concept development

You may have an idea that is already partly designed or your idea might just be a thought process at this stage. We can take ideas, whether they are scribbled on the back of a note pad or just in written form, and convert them into stunning visual creations. Producing concepts like this can open up all sorts of ideas for further exploration. Understanding the products market and current trends in technology and demand enables us to explore practical ideas designed with your businesses profitability in mind.

CAD and 3D modelling

Our 3D designers and engineers use a variety of design tools to engineer products and produce industry standard 3D CAD data for the manufacture of prototypes and tooling. They can also produce 2D drawings to British Standards and have reversed engineered products in the past where clients have asked us to create 3D models of products from 2D drawings. Advanced 3D modelling skills allow us to produce photo realistic renderings, animations, videos and presentations of your product or idea.